The Aurora Australis plan for Tonsley Park has public, social and business objectives and will mobilise both public and private manpower and management.

The project team will work together with the local, state and federal governments to maximise economic benefits for all.

Supporters of Aurora Australis include:

* The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union and the Federated Vehicle Industry Union, and
* An Australian social enterprise syndicate that operates in the disability and social sectors.

Anchor tenants

A design company will partner with a selected existing vehicle manufacturer to pioneer a new global industry transition to light, clean, more cost-effective car making.

Australian excellence in light materials and low-emission technology will be utilised during assembly to create the world’s first green people mover.

Other large-scale LightTech manufacturers will be encouraged to join our centre for our mutual benefit.

Technology showcase

The plan also showcases Australian excellence in light materials and low emission vehicle technology.

This technology provides a graduated path by which existing vehicle manufacturers can decrease their dependence on capital-intensive, fixed presses and embrace cheaper, more flexible methods to meet the demand for lighter, clean-air universal-design vehicles.

It creates export markets for both the vehicle and the process.