Government Support

Our Light Tech Hub will be an important centre for public-private cooperation to provide a world-class showcase and incubator of commercial renewable and sustainable enterprises offering products and services for the global market.

Multiple funds

Three levels of government are offering financial support for which Aurora Australis and its component industries would be eligible.

The South Australian government has identified a specific assistance package for the proposed site of $50m made up of:

* $10m for job training, and
* $40m for job creating manufacturing.

Funds are also available from the Infrastructure Australia Fund, the Innovation Fund and other funds designed to bolster manufacturing, employment and the development of renewable energy technology e.g. $500m Clean Coal Technology fund and the Australian Employment Covenant Fund is specifically aimed at creating indigenous job training & employment.

Green fleet

The federal government is promising $500m in funding for a green car for which the anchor tenant should meet the necessary conditions. It also complies with the prerequisites of the Automotive Competitiveness and Investment Scheme, including the Motor Vehicle Producer Research and Development Scheme ending in 2015.

In addition, government has indicated a willingness to guarantee fleet vehicle purchases.

The government may choose to make a direct investment in an Australian-lead syndicate rather than providing recently publicised grants and incentives to attract overseas car manufacturers.

Business success

The preferred site for Aurora Australis is in southern Adelaide, where the cities of Marion and Onkaparinga are actively attracting business – particularly those businesses which are involved in innovation.

The cities recognise the need for the business community to take ownership of the push to grow the economy and have invited a cross section of business leaders to form a regional Economic Development Board.

The purpose of the board is to provide industry leadership to further develop the region’s economy, influence the decision-making of organisations and individuals which will have a positive impact on the future of the region, and to promote the region as a location for business success.

The board has taken on the task of championing ‘A New Economic Future’ within the business community and encouraging active participation by business.

It intends to give priority to specific industry sectors that offer development opportunities into the future.