The big picture

Aurora Australis aspires to aid the formation of a global charter.

That is, of assisting the people of the earth to become strong & united, that individuals increase their capacity to influence & determine issues critical to our survival & future well being. As witnessed by the growing acceptance in the human consciousness of the reality of climate change. We are at a defining moment in the history of this planet and the evolutionary journey of its inhabitants because in order to effectively lighten our “carbon footprint” on the earth we have to tread more carefully, gently & respectfully with each other along the way.

The real challenge of climate change is the change of climate required in human relations, that is, the coolness or warmth we extend to our fellow human beings. We recognize the fundamental importance of heritage, language and the cultural expression of all people in order to create a just, caring and enterprising society where creativity is nurtured & innovation rewarded.

The original role of technology from the earliest time of human development was to make our lives easier, free us from the drudgery of mere survival, so we can be more self sufficient & mutually supportive but more importantly so that we would have more time to contemplate, create & dream – we aim to reclaim that heritage here in Australia and light the way of others worldwide.

We do seek an ambitious agenda of change – one that otherwise would likely not be possible except for growing imperative that climate change presents to the global community.

And if there is light at the end of the tunnel it is entirely plausible that it is in the lessons to be learned from the erstwhile indigenous inhabitants of this great southern land.

Please consider.

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