South Australia

There is the opportunity in South Australia to establish a world class centre (the first, we hope, of many) for the development of LightTech research, development and production facilities. An ideal site has been left idle, ready for innovative, effective and profitable re-use. We invite you to work with us to make this potential actual.

Recently, car maker Mitsubishi ceased production at its Tonsley Park assembly plant in Adelaide and, over the next few months, will be looking to sell the land and auction the equipment.

Consequently, a 200 acre site that is perfect for housing a variety of technology and manufacturing precincts is lying idle in a dry-air climate.

Tonsley Park, Adelaide

The 200 acres provides more than enough room to house a variety of clean, green industries and ancillary businesses in discrete precincts.


Leading-edge industries

It is envisaged that Aurora Australis’ Global Renewable Energy Advanced Technology & Economic Research (GREATER) Futures Centre will be an off-campus studies unit of the University of Adelaide’s schools of business, engineering & design, finance & economics, and humanities.

That is, the GREATER Futures Epicenter in Adelaide will lead the world in the most efficient, effective and economical way to be green and clean.

It will be anchored by the Trans-Hybrid Green car plant and other leading-edge light carbon footprint technologies will include wind, solar, hydro and bio-mass.

Tonsley Park is still an outstanding site but it will require as an innovative and cohesive design paradigm commensurate with the idea it represents.

Key Benefits

Local economy

Aurora Australis will maximise the benefits to the South Australian economy and put Adelaide on the world map by providing an international focal point for an expanding LightTech knowledge base in engineering and economics as well as social, macro and micro enterprise modeling.

No longer will Adelaide “hide its light (of learning & life skills) under a bushel”.