Indigenous Agreement

Aurora Australis offers the prospect of real reconciliation and reconnection of all people – past and present.

It also recognises the powerful difference we can make as individuals in shaping the reality of the world we live in now and the need for commitment to collaboration and co-operation to achieve our aspirations of a better world in the future.

That takes enlightenment.

As the Aboriginal elders of Australia say: “Let’s become aware, respect, acknowledge and celebrate the spirit, the land , the people and the way of life” on earth.

We are at a defining moment in the history of this planet and the evolutionary journey of its inhabitants because in order to effectively lighten our carbon footprint, we have to tread more carefully, gently and respectfully with each other along the way.

Practical outcomes

The Aurora Australis intends to create with the traditional owners of the land a charter similar to current agreement between the Kaurna Heritage Board – formally representing the Kaurna people – and the councils of Onkaparinga, Marion, Holdfast Bay and Yankalilla, which representing over 300,000 South Australians who live and work in southern Kaurna country.

The Kaurna Tappa Iri Regional Agreement 2005–2008 has a particular focus increasing the capacity and opportunity for Aboriginal people to influence and determine issues that are critical for their well-being.

It has a strong emphasis on practical outcomes, such as the establishment of a business centre, protection of significant places, improving influence and holding of culturally important land and establishing guidelines for developers.