Aurora Australis has been formed to promote the proliferation of “LightTech” as a unique brand of renewable energy, sustainable and economic technology solutions for the modern world.

The name of our organisation is derived from the natural phenomenon of the polar auroras which in the southern hemisphere is called the Aurora (Light) Australis (of the South), which provides a colourful & awe inspiring light show in the night sky.  This illuminating spectacle is the creation of light (photons).  That is, photons are emitted when sub-atomic particles carried by high speed solar winds from the Sun collide with the gas molecules in the earths atmosphere (like nitrogen & hydrogen).

We chose this name help conjure an image of Australia (Terra Australis) as the place where “light is created” i.e. our own market brand rather than “green” or “clean” to suggest a new fresh holistic approach to sustainability which we call light “carbon footprint” technology (LightTech).  

For more information see The Big Picture.