The innovating proponent is the Universal Design Company (UNICO), founded by Chris Burrell.

Universal Design Co (UNICO’S) People

The principals

The company’s managing director, Jacob F Baldwin, is an accredited trainer and assessor of wheelchair-accessible taxi drivers. Mr Baldwin was a foundation member of the Disability Council of NSW, which brought the first wheelchair-accessible taxi to Australia in 1980. He is also a presenter of national and international acclaim in the area of disability-related studies.

UniCab’s founder, Chris Burrell, is a member of the Australian Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and a member of the Society of Automobile Engineers International and the Union of Concerned Scientists USA.

Mr Burrell is a pioneering consultant on social enterprise funding for charities and non-profit organisations. His area of specialty is universal design clean-air vehicles and integrated public transport. Early indications from the proof of concept testing of his Transcend technology indicates this is possibly the most cost-effective way to significantly improve the efficiency of all modes of public transport in any city anywhere in the world. It will seamlessly facilitate the movement of more people in less time, with fewer vehicle movements, less congestion and fewer greenhouse emissions.


Helping others help themselves

UniCo is the trustee for EduCare, a charitable trust that prefers to help others by creating income streams from social enterprise royalties rather than asking for donations.

After retaining prudent levels of capital and paying generous dividends, UniCo will direct its share of profits back to EduCare, which is working to help disadvantaged children, teenagers, the aged and the disabled.

Because of EduCare’s commitment to the disabled, this website has been designed for full accessibility.